The Need

Sexual harassment has drawn much attention recently and is the basis of investigations, allegations and suits in any modern country. Such events can happen virtually anywhere: in workplaces, by caregivers, in organisations such as the police or the army, and even in private settings. In the past three decades the scope of the problem has evolved to massive proportions, influencing lives and families of women and men worldwide, as a result of being sexually harassed or subjected to false claims of misconduct.

The Solution

LockOnCam has developed and patented a unique process for recording, encrypting and decrypting of one-on-one events, based on the mutual consent and/or acceptable legal arrangement, and identification of the parties involved in the event.

The Process

The LockOnCam process involves two (or more) individuals: A and B. Both A and B are distinctively identified by a recording system, by personal recognition means (e.g. fingerprint, smart card, code or other biometrics). The recording system records their meeting, encrypts the recording and uploads it to a secure location. If the need arises, the recording can be accessed only if the two parties provide their consent, or a directive is issued by a legally binding process, and the parties are identified by the same recognition method. The recording is kept until the statute of limitations is reached (i.e. when a suit can no longer be filed based on these events).