The Vision

Become the market leader of solutions for regulated encrypted records of doubtable situations.

The Market

In the first phase LockonCam will focus on caregivers in the medical and para-medical sector, and the goal is that the system will be installed in: physician clinics, alternative therapies clinics, HMO's offices and doctor rooms, dentists' clinics, surgery rooms, procedure rooms and other such locations.

The Company

LockonCam is a pre-launch company merging security technology and processes to develop proprietary and innovative solutions in the field of discretionary, trusted 3rd party monitoring and documentation systems. The company will utilise this solution to provide new and unique systems to be used at business premises where the risk of sexual harassment and/or breach-of-confidence faults is high. Similar to a plane's black-box, the Lock-on-Cam solution enables only the associated parties, or a legally designated entity, access to reliable post-event information. The company is led by a talented and seasoned team of entrepreneurs, and will initially focus on the medical and para-medical industry.